The story behind the trend...

Anonymous Brownies

You've probably seen our brownies on social media, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about them!

What is the 'anonymous brownie' concept?

The idea behind gifting anonymous brownies is showing those you appreciate some love as a complete secret! You can send anyone you would like one of our boxes, we simply need their social media handle (Instagram/TikTok/Twitter. Spreading kindness through brownies is our favourite thing to do

How does gifting work?

Once you place your order through our website we contact the person you have chosen to gift the brownies to and get their details and address from them. This information stays with us and is completely confidental, it will never be passed on. You can include an optional note in your box if you would like to let the recipient know who their box is from!

Which boxes are available for anonymous gifting?

All of our boxes are currently available for anonymous gifting, please note that it takes longer to process orders for this option as we have to collect more information!